Monday, September 18, 2017

September 17,2017; Solo Ride: ADV/Dual Sport

Weekend before last The Wife and I had went exploring the same area that I had been on that group ride on (see last post), and The Boy and I had went back a day later and did a little fishing...we caught whales I tell you! (see pics below, LOL, mostly caught Bluegills :p )...

Anyways, Doug and I had planned to ride out there Sunday after church and do a little 2 wheel exploration, check out some trails, and I would be scouting potential moto-camping spots as well. Doug's wife was feeling pretty sickly Sunday though*, so he had texted that he wouldn't be able to go. Solo it would be then :)

I rode out to where The Boy and I had been fishing (any 4x4 could make it down there, but there are some play places there that I dared not take the FJ...even with it's locked differecials and 33" tires (mud holes too deep to not be hung up ;) ).

After playing around there for a bit, I rode back out to the gravel road, then on down to another place that The Wife and I had explored just a bit of in the FJ, so I could explore deeper and see where it came out. Decent trail, so far back that all one could here were forest sounds, and there was no cell signal for lots of it (tree coverage was too dense is my guess).

It eventually came out/led to/ended at the lake, but I found the area perfect to pull out my trusty folding chair and sit for a spell :)

Rain Gear, folding chair, Mello Yellow (that I had frozen before leaving, so it was actually still cold at this point).

I wish to note that this area shows signs of (and I have head tales of) being a potentially dangerous area to be caught alone in, not from 4 legged animals, but rather from 2 legged varmits. That said, and I may have mentioned at some point earlier, I am licensed and legal to ride armed**, so ride armed I did. I did have a run in with a couple guys in a 4x4 during the ride that I got a bad vibe from (mainly by their actions and words until they happened to notice I was carrying a side-arm, at which time their persona changed from suspicious to friendly and not as anxious to "check out my cool bike"...), but at no time did I feel the need to unholster. It was enough to give a bit of credibility to things I had heard (most of which, BTW, things were heard from police officer friends of mine abotu the area).

  Anyways, after a nice break, I headed back out onto the main gravel road and headed out to a power line access road (I would say "trail" rather than road, and that is evidenced by no vehicle tracks other than my own, and ATV/side-by-side tracks) and rode up it for a couple miles before heading back down.

The only wild life that I saw aside from a few squirrel was a decent size rattle snake. On my way in, he/she was very much alive. While he didn't make any effort to attempt a strike as I rode past him, it was obvious that he didn't like my being there, LOL! I didn't get a pic of him at that point. On the way back out, it seems as if my drunken redneck buddies from earlier had found him as well, killed him and relieved him of his rattles :'( Him being recently deceased, it was safe to stop and grab a couple pics of his beauty.

All in all, I rode about 125 miles before I made it back to town, and being a'hungered, I pulled into my reserved spot at Applebee's for a juicy bacon-burger (I always loved that Applebee's reserves a spot right in front of the door for Veterans, I appreciate and respect them for it. That isn't my favorite place to eat, but I do often to support them for their doings for Veterans in need).

Perfect ending to a great day of riding. I also found several other trails that I have aspirations to explore...but not on Ruby. Not that I doubt that it's capable of traversing these areas, but that isnt' what I bought and am building Ruby to do. Different style of riding (dirt biking vs ADV riding). I hope to buy another DS bike next year, something like a Suzuki DR350 or Honda XR250L (more dirt oriented) that I can set up more for real trails than I intend to ride on Ruby.

I wish to note, that while on the main gravel road (what feels like a super-highway of gravel after having ridden and explored the rougher, smaller trails found there), one time, that transmission/shifting issue reared it's ugly head. I was riding at a pretty good clip for the terrain (60+ MPH) in effort to get home sooner, and when I came out of a curve and accelerated uphill, after shifting into 6th gear, it popped out of gear into a false nuetral--but only for a coupel seconds as I "shuted again" into 6th and it did fine afterward. That was the only issue that I experienced for the entire ride.

It will still be a month or so before I take it in for the warranty repair as I'm still riding lots (I rode to work today, for eg, and will do so for most of this week), but I'm anxious to get it done and to move on with riding life.

*Sick enough to have left church early, if I understood right. We're still sending thoughts and prayer to her.
**I also wish to note, that I am well trained and experienced with my side arms, and I am also a combat Veteran with license to carry. I neither condone, nor advocate the unlawful carry or use of firearms in any way. That said, I both fought for and earned my own 2nd Amendment rights, and feel free to excercise them as I see fit, and always responsibly.

August 13,2017; Group Ride:ADV/Dual Sport

This is overdue. It seems most of my posts are now a days, LOL, work and home life stuff have been keeping me offline more than usual (off the bike some as well). So anyways, this is a short n' sweet post of the group ride with a couple friends that I had mentioned a post or so ago, the ride where the mechanical mishap happened in Ruby's transmission. No need to really get into that, as I'd gone into it already.

We rode abotu 120-125 miles that day, Doug, Brian (Doug's friend who's now also my friend), and myself. Doug on The mighty DR(650), Brian on his Aussie-made 660 (I can't recall the name of it, sorry :p ), and me on Ruby (in all it's 249.9cc's of fury, haha!). Abotu 50/50 dirt and pavement, including about half of The Snake, RTE421. Pics of the ride...

Aside from the already gone over mechanical issue, a great ride, and great time had by all :)