Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Just a Quick Note

Rode a little last week when the weather was fair (not that I'm a fair weather only rider), and Ruby busted 3,500 miles on the clock :)

The jury's still out on the windshield...where I had enjoyed th eride with it earlier, I was less thrilled with it last week. I think it's more of a "I need to find the perfect mounting spot" than anything. I may yank it off, and remount it a bit higher, as it's just slamming my forehead with wind gusts and LOTS of noise as is. If you look at the pics above at where/how I have mine mounted, and you look at the below pic of another rider's mouting, you'll see a signifigant difference (DISCLAIMER: image not my own, it was found online from a rider that I do not know, who has a great looking CFR250L that has a better mounting angle on his/her windshield and is used without permission here to show what I'm talking about)

Just some food for thought anyways :)

Thursday, October 26, 2017

October 13,2017; Solo Ride: Road Ride

For those who weren't paying attention, October 13 fell on a Friday. Not only was it Friday the 13th, it was also a big day for The Wife and I...it was our Silver Anniversary (25 years) of wedded bliss. I wish to say that she has been, is now, and will continue to be the very deepest love of my life, and the greatest blessing ever bestowed on me. My Love, I truly love you with all of my heart, soul, strength, and mind <3

So I went for a nice road ride, about 125 miles worth. I basically just made a big circle on a familiar route, both to get some time on the bike, and to get some time with the new parts added (see last post).

Everything worked exactly as it should have. The RAM mount held my phone securely. The charger charged the phone as I rode (despite knowing the route by heart, I used GPS just to see how the charger would work while using it--no issues). The windshield worked well.

There's still a noticeable amount of wind noise (that wasn't there before installing the windshield) below 50MPH or so, but I found it quite pleasant and unobtrusive between 50MPH and 68MPH, and it kept the cold breeze from flowing through my mesh riding jacket (thankfully...it was getting pretty cool on the ride back towards home, LOL!). I am well pleased with all of it so far after getting a good ride in. 

Oh BTW, I now know exactly where the wind is hitting my helmet as I ride with the windshield mounted as it is (if you remember, I'd mentioned that it felt as if it were hitting about forehead level). As I suspected, it was indeed hitting at forehead level, as evidenced by the line of where the bugs were hitting the helmet vs where they weren't, LOL! :p There are no issues with it hitting there, Ruby will never go fast enough for the wind resistance to wear out my neck for one thing. It does explain whhy there is wind noise, though. Still, I'm happy with it as-is. I may tinker with angle and mounting locations later, but for now I'll leave well enough alone.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Just a quick note about a few things I finally got around to adding in the last few days (farkles :p ). These things in and of themselves aren't great large things, but together they should both enhance comfort on longer rides on the highway above 50MPH, as well as be really convenient in one area that has been so far fairly inconvenient. 

From the day that I bought Ruby, the direction I've went has been to build a mini-ADV style of DS bike, and that direction has not changed. I intended Ruby to be used primarily for ADV style of riding, which includes overnight trips both on and offroad, exploring gravel/dirt roads and such, among other similar adventures. i wanted to build a smaller, light(ish) bike that would be capable of riding real trails if need be, but not really as a primary style of riding. Hence, the decision to buy a dual sport bike first and foremost, but to build it into a more comfortable and capable mount for adventure riding. That direction has not changed.

Any decent ADV worth it's salt usually comes with some sort of windshield for extended riding at highway speeds (50MPH+). Typically, small displacement dual sports don't sport such extras, as they're intended use leans more to commuting and trail riding. As a DS bike, Ruby didn't come with one. There are a few different styles on the market, but I wanted to stay away from any that would require me to drill mounting holes into any bodywork.

I had seen several bikes online that had a Slip Stream windshield on them, and the owners generally spoke highly of these. These aren't a CRF250L specific part, they're a generic windshield that fits lots of different (and different styles of) motorcycles. At just under $60 shipped (Amazon ;) ), it didn't take much arm wrenching to have me ordering one.

Installation was fairly easy, despite having little in the way of instructions (would be difficult to provide instructions on how to mount for every bike these might be installed to, so not complaining), it took about 45 minutes of trial and error to find a mounting spot and angle that worked for me.

I must admit, it does look a bit bigger on there than I had expected (especially in this pic, LOL), but not excessively so IMO. I haven't ridden much since the install with lots of rain and work schedules (I don't enjoy showing up at work either soaked, or having to take off wet rain gear :p ). What miles I do have on it tell me that I may need to rethink the mounting location, as it has the wind hitting my helmet just above the visor's top. That doesn't bother my head or neck, but it does create more wind noise than I like. I did notice during my researching of this unit that several of the other riders who use this windshield have also added a mini-shield that attaches to the top of this one (doesn't look as dorky as that sounds) to buffer the wind a little higher. I may go this route. I'll get some miles on it and decide then.

I'd also been wanting both a way to securely mount my phone on the handlebars, and a way to charge it as I ride, so I also ordered up a RAM mount for the phone and a no-name ("Made in China") charger. Install on both was a breeze, quick and easy, and even though I haven't ridden much since buying all three of these things, I can tell you now that I'm very happy with these two.

That's about it for now, I must needs to get off of here and go to work for an hour to help cover a shift for someone who needed it off today (overtime pay, heeheehee!). Very hopeful to finally (FINALLY) get some moto-camping in on Ruby this weekend. It's going to be my last scheduled full weekend off for a while, and my new work schedule starting next week has me off work on Sundays and Wednesdays until next shift bid (so a weekend off will now require an approved day off, or to play hooky for a Saturday). Fingers crossed.