Saturday, July 22, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

Overdue Updates

Whoops, it's been over a month since I said "updates coming". Been pretty busy, and lots has been going on.

As mentioned in last post, I had a traffic accident back in June,on the 6th actually...Ruby's 2 month birthday. Just a brief "what happened" about that before we move on. I had left work to go to an appointment and was enroute to said appointment when I slowed down from 58-60MPH to about 40-45MPH for a bad curve (knowing the curve well), a blind curve with a "hidden entrance". As luck would have it, a work truck for a local electric/cable/phone company was pulling out of the hidden entrance as I rolled around. Rather than to pile into the side of the truck, I decided to throw the bike down into a hard skid, and him seeing me about the same time that I saw him and thinking quickly, the driver floored it to try to get out of my way (it almost worked, as I slid behind him, I just BARELY clipped my shoulder on his rear bumper).

No real harm done. He stopped and asked if I was ok, and wanted to call the police (he said "man I hate to since it looks like everything's ok, but you should be covered, this wasn't your fault"). I told him it wasn't HIS fault either, just bad road design and dumb luck. As soon as Ruby's starter button was pushed she fired up, I said "Let's get the heck outta harm/no foul, nobody's fault, no sense in either of us getting into trouble or getting a ticket". He gave me his personal cell number in case I needed it later, and reluctantly headed down the road with me heading the other direction.

As it turns out,Ruby was indeed fine. The left barkbuster was knocked loose from the impact (where I threw the bike down into a skid), and the left hand guard has some scratching from the skid. The only points of contact, it seems,were those parts and knobs on the rear tire, though the top box was knocked off kilt just a hair from the impact as well. It only took a few minutes with hand tools to get everything lined back up and sorted out on the bike, and I've ridden lots since that day, no issues.

I was a little more hurt than I'd originally thought, though not seriously. A visit to the ER for xrays and tests immediately after leaving the scene showed nothing was broken (and I really didn't need that much skin on my left knee anyways, LOL! How is it, I wonder, that skin can be scraped off the bone, without ever making a hole in the jeans? :p ), but I did suffer a torn ligament in my right wist (an injury that still hurts a bit today). Overall though, this could have certainly been much worse. I'm tough though (or at least that's what I'm told,hahaha!), I went back to work and finished my shift, and have ridden to work every shift that the weather was nice since :)

I ordered up soem nifty side racks from (I highly recommend these guys BTW) and got my ghetto luggage/cases mounted in the mean time.

The new side racks don't play very well, as far as mounting then to the bike, with my chosen and installed Moose Racing Expedition top rack, so for now, they are slightly off-kilt. I was going to order their ( top rack and swap on (putting my Moose rack on eBay/CL for sale), but have run into an unexpected financial setback, so it will be a month or so (read on to see what I refer to). I'm very happy with them though, and the whole setup has proven useful in the time I've had it on there :)

On the week of my birthday (June 20-something) we'd both had the week scheduled off from work for a vacation (hers was paid as she's worked there for years, mine unpaid as I've been there less than a year) and we went to Holden Beach, where my parents had recently purchased some property with a gutted singlewide mobile home on the one end, and there camper on the other. We took Ruby, via hauled on the trailer behind the FJ. This was The Wife's first ever trip to a beach, and we enoyed ourselves for 5 days :)

I did some riding around while down there, as well as got myself a new state flag sticker added to the box (South Carolina) and the obligatory "Welcome To" sign pic as I rode into the state (I don't think I shot a pic of the new sticker yet, sorry) :)

It wasn't a perfect trip, however. While surfing as many days as we (the Boy and I) could, I must have sucked enough salt water through my sinuses to flush everything out, and sleeping under a window A/C unit in that gutted mobile home was enough to make me sick, and I was sick enough that we came home early, and sick enough that my boss suggested a LOA (Leave of Absense) from work for a few days (2 weeks, actually, I don't go back until the 17th...which screws our finances pretty hard, sigh), though I'm finally feeling a bit better these last 2 or 3 days, still having a bad cough as we speak.

We also had an incident on the drive home. The tie-down strap on the left snapped when we hit a pothole while driving 75MPH or so up the interstate, and Ruby fell over on the trailer. Glad I had ONE extra strap with us (an old one), we limped to the closest WalMart a few exits up and bought new straps. No real harm done, but there's some noticable scratches now on Ruby's right radiator's just not meant for me to have anything shiny and smooth it seems :(

Other than the financial crap from missing an extra couple weeks (and that, as our luck seems to always go...the FJ is down and in need of a new alternator--so we're sharing my car and utilizing Ruby--and that we had to also unexpectedly buy two new cell phones all in the week we got back, sigh :( ) and that I still have a full week off from work (ahhhhhhh :) ), that's pretty much up to date for now.

Ruby is coming up on 2,500 miles on the odometer (less than 100 miles to go), so I will actually get my butt in gear and do a 2,500 mile review in the near future. Also, while I doubt it happening (since we're pinching pennies for the next month), I would LOVE to sneak in a 1-2 day bike-camping trip, even if only to a local/semi-local campground on Ruby since I'm off all week and feeling much better than I had been (once an LOA date is set, it can't be changed if I want to come back early, so I have to take the remaining days off whether I want or not),we'll see.

I will go ahead and say that I continue to be pleased and happy with Ruby, and look forward to years spent enjoying the ride. The LRP is certainly not perfect (and there ARE some things I will want to address as time rolls by and budget allows), but I am content so far.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Updates Coming Soon

I have been slacking on posting lately,but there will be some updates coming soon (and there are some pdates,trust me),when I have time to get it all in. Updates like mileage reviews,ride pics,new farkles...and a traffic accident where a work truck pulled out in front on me (cause a good hard crash).

In the mean time,I hope everyone is enjoying Summer :)